Camp Grounded – FAQ

Camp gates open at 12:30 pm on the first day of each camp. Camper check-in and on-site registration is from 12:30 pm- 3:00 pm. Village Orientation and Camp Programming begins at 3:30 pm. Please arrive on time.
We will close the gates to camp once programming and orientation begins. Only those who have notified us ahead of time that they will be late, will be given the opportunity for a late check-in.
We recommend that you fly into San Francisco or Oakland (if you are going to carpool, ride the bus or catch a ride with someone else), or Sacramento and Santa Rosa. We suggest that you land either the night before or early in the morning of camp to give yourself plenty of time to make your way to camp, especially if you are carpooling. Though we won’t be directly providing rides to Camp Grounded, there are going to be tons of people coming from the Bay Area who are carpooling up.
Programming begins at 3:30 pm on the first day of camp.
Camp comes to a close at 1:00 pm on the fourth day of camp.
No. We close the gate after the first day’s registration. However, we understand that emergencies happen so we can be flexible on a case by case basis. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.
Although campers are allowed to leave early, we strongly encourage you to stay for the entire experience. Camp Grounded is so much fun that if you are planning on leaving early, you’ll probably want to change your mind once camp starts. We recommend that you plan accordingly and take all days you are attending camp off of work (including the first & and last days of camp, which are “half days”). If you’ll need to leave early, please inform your counselor so we don’t go looking for you in the woods!
A few months prior to camp, we’ll send you an invite into CampMinder, an online database that helps us manage our campers’ info. This is where you can updated your official Camper Registration Information.
YES. We provide meals for all diets, including but not limited to omnivores, carnivores, gluten-free, vegans, and vegetarians. Our chefs will be serving up healthy and delicious meals reminiscent of your favorite childhood dishes. We believe in the philosophy of holistic nutrition — the ability to eat and heal the body through food.
Our team cooks with the best ingredients available based on location – natural, seasonal, cruelty-free and nothing but love and care into the food produced. We ensure that every meal will have an option for everyone. In your Camper Registration, you will have the opportunity to specify your diet, needs, restrictions and allergies.


No Camp is not a nut-free environment. We serve snacks that do contain nuts, but there will always be a nut-free option available.
Camp Grounded is divided by bunk villages and tent villages (where applicable). Each cabin sleeps 4-12 campers, depending on the cabin style and location. Every cabin village has its own recently remodeled flush toilets and showers, modern sinks and mirrors, giving campers a few more of the creature comforts of city life. Campers who choose this option will also be assigned to a village separated based on gender identity (Mens, Womens & Genderful Villages are available). ** Although bunking is assigned, sneaking out is highly encouraged.
Alongside the Male and Female Villages, the Genderful Village will exist so that EVERYONE can feel included and safe at Camp Grounded. By creating this village, we are establishing a home at camp for our campers that don’t identify as male or female, or even for those who do, but appreciate the importance of gender fluid spaces. This is not a radical move, but rather an overdue and common sense decision to step away from a binary system that leaves many members of our community feeling unseen and unwelcome. We will proudly be bringing the Genderful Village to California for the 2017 season!

At Camp Grounded, we love who you are! We know that the world has made choosing a bathroom or a cabin a political act for some, but not here. At camp, you’ll spend less time worrying about bathrooms and more time singing songs and making friends.

No. Your registration for Camp Grounded includes your three night stay as a camper, all programming and food. Getting to camp is the responsibility of the campers. Parking Passes, Bus Tickets, and Shuttles (where applicable) are sold separately.
No. Once you leave camp, we’ll have to say goodbye.
Yes. It is for adults only. This is an 18+ event.
Only if they are over 18 years old. Otherwise, Camp Grounded® is for adults only.

If you need to transfer your ticket to someone else, you must notify us and do so prior to 30 days out from camp. There will be a $45 transfer processing fee. In addition, this transfer must be able to take your same accommodation (a female camper cannot transfer their ticket to a male camper, unless they are BYOT – bring their own tent – or unless there is space available in another village, on a case by case basis). Cancellations and transfer requests must be in writing, preferably by email to [email protected]

If you are paying for someone else’s camp registration, no sweat! We will send you one registration packet per/spot booked, so if you are booking for a friend (or group of friends), a family member or a gf/bf/partner – you’ll have the chance to register each individual camper.

At Camp Grounded, we only let in campers that are on the list and registered ahead of time as campers. You’ll need a valid ID (license/passport) that matches up with the name on our list of registered campers.
Pack light, smart and campy. We’ll send you an entire packing list once you register to give you details on what to expect and a glimpse into your time under the redwoods. In short…bring a good attitude, sunscreen, a sleeping bag, sheets, pillow, blanket, towel, bathing suit… your favorite musical instruments, a book or two, something to share with your village, a favorite poster and family photos to make camp your “home”… toiletries, bug spray, medication and more…
None. No digital technology allowed. Cellphones, gameboys, computers, digital cameras, camcorders, watches, iPods, iPads, eBooks, Kindles, wearables, and other mobile devices are not allowed. For the safety and security of your devices (and to keep you accountable so you don’t sneak off to check Facebook or climb a tree seeking cell service), we’ll be checking all devices that you bring into our secure offices for the duration of the camp. CPAP machines, insulin pumps and other life supporting digital devices are 100% allowed. You’ll have the opportunity to inform us after you’ve registered.
Digital Cameras are prohibited. Film cameras, Polaroids, disposable cameras are encouraged.
We have a camp phone, internet available and access to email for staff and emergency needs. In addition, we have trained professional medical care and an infirmary available on site.
We will provide you with our camp emergency contact information. Before camp, we will give this information to you, so you can give to your family and friends in case of emergency.
Campers will share communal bathrooms and showers (private stalls). Most of our bathrooms are “Human” bathrooms or non-gender specific and open to all campers. (There will be a some gender specific bathrooms available who feel more comfortable with this option.)
In the Camper Registration/Camp Minder program, you will have the opportunity to list three to four friends you’d like to be bunked with. We’ll do our best to match you up, so you can enjoy the week with some of your friends, while meeting new people.
No. We will be assigning couples/partners/etc to separate cabins villages ~ just like it was when you went to camp as a kid.
Looking for more privacy? Prefer to sleep in your own tent under the stars? Want to camp on the “outskirts” of camp? Are you someone who’s thinking, “but what if I meet someone special at the camp dance?” Or are you someone simply hoping to share their sleeping quarters with their partner (wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/buddy)? Enjoy the comforts of the Tent Camping option. These are co-ed specific tent camping villages, so you can bring your own gear and create the perfect camp/glamping fort to call home. * Please note that tent camping, as with previous years, is a 12-15 minute walk from the dining hall, parade field and showers. At night, when you “sneak out” to your tent with each other (or walk down the path holding hands and whistling the camp theme song), the counselors and director won’t be bothered… in fact, it’s encouraged.
In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we encourage and support carpooling, rideshares and group buses. Though we will not be directly coordinating, we’ll be posting and sending out rideshare links and carpool forums once campers begin to register. We encourage campers to take the Official Camp Bus or Shuttle, as parking on site is limited. If you plan to park, please make sure you have purchased a parking pass prior to camp.
No. Animals are not allowed onto the camp grounds. An exception is made only for patrons with Service Animals. Patrons requiring further Service Animal assistance will need to specify in their follow-up Camper Registration.
No. This is just like summer camp when you were a kid. Don’t expect a happy hour or cocktail welcome reception. Drugs and alcohol are not allowed and will be confiscated at registration.
Camp Grounded is a drug-free event. Anyone caught with or doing any illegal substances will be escorted from the camp and may face legal consequences.
Yes. We love community participation. In fact, most of our staff and counselors are volunteers. As space is extremely limited, please register as a camper and when you fill out the Camper Profile in CampMinder – you’ll have the opportunity share some ways that you might like to get involved and volunteer before, during and/or after camp.
Unfortunately, we do not have any work/trade spots open at this point. We recommend that you register as a camper and when we release our workshop application for campers who are looking to contribute, you can apply to share your skills, lead a workshop or contribute in some capacity to the programming. If you are selected for a volunteer or work-trade spot, we’ll reimburse you for the difference in your ticket price.
We recommend that you register as a camper and when we release our workshop application for campers who are looking to contribute, you can apply and share your skills/ideas/program/workshop. We will do our best to include as many campers’ workshops and sessions into our program, though not all electives will be included in our curated programming. Even if we don’t officially include you in our schedule, you will have plenty of free-time to share your passions and connect with other campers throughout the weekend.

All workshops, bodywork, and healing services are included in the price of your entry. Take advantage of learning a new skill, broadening your comfort zone and/or meet inspiring teachers and fellow students. These workshop leaders and healers are all volunteering their time and energy in sharing their gifts with you.

Are all body workers licensed or certified that attend and offer services at Camp Grounded?

No. Many are, but just like summer camp, many participants will find themselves giving and/or receiving massage. We ask all practitioners who are unlicensed or uninsured to refrain from heavy pressure and/or any structural work. We encourage participants to develop a relationship and communicate your needs, concerns, and any questions prior to enjoying the healing arts.

If you bring garbage or packaging we ask that you plan to pack it out when you leave. Water is provided on site so no need for disposable plastic water bottles – in fact, we discourage the use of plastic water containers as they are not only poisonous but destructive to the Earth. Please plan to bring a reusable bottle or you can purchase one from the camp canteen.

Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Policy

This policy is subject to change; all registered campers will be notified of any changes.

If you need to cancel for any reason and would like a partial refund, you must notify [email protected] at least 30 Days out from your selected session.

  • Tickets cancelled 100 Days from camp will receive a refund less 25% of your purchased ticket price.
  • Tickets cancelled between 99 Days out from camp and 30 Days out from camp will receive a refund less 50% of your purchased ticket price.
  • There will be no refunds or transfers 29 Days out from camp.

The Cancellation policy applies to the calendar year of your ticket purchase and only to the original date of the camp you purchased it for. If you pushed your ticket from a previous year to a future year of camp, that original ticket’s cancellation policy applies only to the original camp date it was purchased for(not to the new camp session). If you have elected to push your ticket from one session or season to the next, you will not be eligible for a refund from your ticket cost for that future camp unless it still falls under the initial cancellation polity. Registration is only transferrable 30 days out from original camp registration date. If clarification on this policy is needed or you have any questions please feel free to email [email protected]

Example 1:  Jasmine D’Out purchased her ticket for California Session 1 2016. She was unable to attend and wanted to keep her ticket for California 2017. After Miss D’Out received the dates for 2017 she was unable to attend and therefore forfeited her ticket cost because she cannot push it to another session or transfer it to another camper. Dang did she miss out.

Example 2: Joker McPantsface bought a ticket to Texas 2016, he realized he had another engagement the same weekend 35 days before Texas 2016. We offered him the option of a 50% refund or to push his ticket to 2017 (where he would have to pay the difference in ticket price.) Mr. McPantsface decided to push his ticket to 2017, but when dates came out he couldn’t make it. This Joker doesn’t get any refund for his ticket and doesn’t have the option to transfer it to another camper.

Switching Sessions

Switching from one session to another is definitely possible, though it depends on your timing. If you decide you want to transfer to another session, and spots are available in that session, you’ll need to pay a $50 transfer fee. Requests to switch sessions must be made in writing to [email protected] and must be made prior to 30 Days out from camp.


If you need to transfer your ticket to someone else, you must notify us and do so prior to 30 days out from camp. There will be a $50 transfer processing fee. In addition, this transfer must be able to take your same accommodation (a female camper cannot transfer their ticket to a male camper, unless they are BYOT – bring their own tent – or unless there is space available in another village, on a case by case basis). Cancellations and transfer requests must be in writing, preferably by email to [email protected]

You cannot transfer your ticket to a session next year or to a following season. Tickets can only be transferred within the same calendar year.

Other Purchases

All parking passes, bus, and additional sales are final and non-refundable unless otherwise noted. This includes any clothing or mugs pre-ordered on Eventbrite.

2017 Registration

Alumni Registration Opens: 1/17/17 @ 11 a.m.
Public Registration Opens: . 1/24/17 @ 11 a.m.

(Choose a Session)

2017 Registration

Alumni Registration Opens: 1/17/17 @ 11 a.m.
Public Registration Opens: . 1/24/17 @ 11 a.m.

(Choose a Session)


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