Bring a little Camp into Your Team Building

The vision of The Go Game is to bring play and playfulness to an often serious world. Our partnership with The Go Game is a perfect alignment of values — to foster opportunities for adults to play together and connect in new and surprising ways. They use Color Wars and a multitude of other games to get people collaborating, problem-solving and always, always laughing. Past gaming projects of The Go Game include citywide food truck scavenger hunts, road trip games to benefit parks, and zombie-themed disaster preparedness. Team-building experiences for younger workforces include tools like a Karaoke Rickshaw, espionage-themed adventure games, massive music video competitions, a ridiculous road rally, or taking over an island.

Color Wars in Partnership with The Go Game


There is nothing more ‘camp’ than Color Wars.

We divide your company into different color teams, provide them with props, costumes, outfits and facepaint… and watch as they compete in a series of outrageously ridiculous, fantastically absurdish, wild and amazing games, relay races, scavenger hunts and challenges. Everyone walks a way a winner, no matter who loses. Our refs come prepared in full regalia to judge the world’s most important olympics games (or so it will seem). A perfect way to blow off steam, connect with your company, celebrate, bond, learn new skills and communication tactics, and remember that in the end… we’re all just a bunch of grown-up kids after all.

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