Featured Camp Grounded Sponsor: The Go Game

The Go Game

Are you ready to play?! We are! This year at Camp Grounded we’re teaming up with  The Go Game team to provide you with some super game shenanigans. We’re talking Human Bingo and the Camper Scout Book’s Personal Bucket Lists Analog Scavenger Hunt. Say that twice with marshmallows in your mouth, we dare you. And the absurdity won’t stop there. During free-time their referees, decked out in all orange jumpsuits, will be ready to throw flags and declare winners for the intense Zorb soccer games that are bound to occur. We can’t wait!


The Go Game

The vision of The Go Game is to bring play and playfulness to an often serious world. When The Go Game team isn’t playing with us in the woods, they’re leading the best team building games around.They do this in the form of real-world adventures–games that lead you to discover yourself, your community and the world around you anew.

Why would a company dedicate itself to play, you may ask? They’ve got three pretty solid reasons that have us on board:

1) Strengthen connections between people. They believe that humans bond the most when they are engaged in play- playing games, playing music or playing hookie.

2) For culture creation within communities and organizations. The companies that play together, stay together.

3) To educate and empower individuals. They believe that learning is more impactful when it is playful.

We can all agree play is important. This is camp after all. But the fun doesn’t have to stop after your time with us in the woods. Bring your rekindled love for Tug of War back to the office. Whether it’s their famous urban scavenger hunt or a Lib Dub Music Video creation, The Go Game team makes sure even the crankiest of your coworkers can let loose and have a good time. Ready. Set. Go!

And as you can see in the video above, they do use phones and technologies during their games – this is something we love about them. They use technology (digital scavenger hunts, trivia games and photo/video) to get people to connect with their screens, go outside and play with each other. They care too. The Go Game recently launched The Slow Game to help bring mindfulness, awareness and meditation to those in companies who spend most of their days staring down at their devices.

And in case you loved Color Wars at camp, we’ll be partnering with this incredible organization to bring more of the camp experience to companies during the year. We smell an exciting partnership forming around the campfire this summer.

To learn more about the incredible games and innovative (not just a buzz word) possibilities with The Go Game, go to: www.thegogame.com