NOW HIRING: Director of Camper Operations

TIME COMMITMENT: FULL TIME, ASAP – November 1, 2016 (With possibility to extend)
LOCATION: Bay Area (CG Office is in Oakland, CA)
COMPENSATION: Negotiable Based on Experience

Camp Grounded is looking for a logistically-minded human to fill our Head of Camper Operations position and round out our Camper Relations Department for the remainder of the 2016 season (with possibility to extend into 2017). Our Camper Relations team is instrumental to the Camp Experience. From weekly informational emails to hand-stuffed Snail Mail packets filled with packing lists and campy surprises, the systems put into place and the attention to detail behind those systems is what makes our campers’ experience a smooth and unforgettable one. Our campers won’t see much of the work you do, but it is truly the backbone of camp. While everyone else is ditching their tech, you are dutifully behind-the-scenes, making the magic of camp possible. The Head of Camper Operation’s main focus is to make sure that each Camp Grounded weekend is seamless from the campers’ perspective. There will always be surprises and hiccups along the way, but the job of the Head of Camper Operations is to foresee those and solve them without campers ever knowing anything was awry.

The ideal candidate is always looking for ways to make systems more effective, and thrives in a background setting. The ideal candidate understands the importance of production and operations, and takes pride in knowing that their working is making a difference, even if they aren’t always interacting face-to-face with campers at camp. They are adaptable and positive and can support a team in a stressful situation by offering solutions to make it all happen. They’ll be building upon a strong foundation built by past management and have the support of an incredible team to end the 2016 season strong.


In this position, you will manage all operational aspects of the camper registration process from beginning to end. Through it all, you will be working closely with Camp Grounded’s Customer Relations Manager, who will be responsible for directly interfacing with campers and responding to the bulk of customer service inquiries — while your job is to make sure the back end systems are running smoothly and all ducks are in their rows. (No one likes out of row ducks.)

Pre-camp, you will manage our mailing list, assist with refunds and group ticket purchases, input campers into our CRM database from Eventbrite, and take on projects as they arise. Among many other things, you will assign campers to villages, work off of an existing camper communication email timeline and create new content specific to each location and make sure all campers get the information they need to get to camp safely, excited and prepared. You will be responsible for project managing the Snail Mail packets, from copy editing to print to creating the address labels and shipping them off to each camper, and packing up the office and setting it up in each new camp location.

During camp, you will be the office manager and oversee the registration process, including assembling registration binders, assigning inbox numbers and getting camper mail to the right place. You will update camper’s nicknames and credit card information for their Canteen purchases into our CRM system, and be the keeper of the keys to Tech Check, responding to any logistical camper needs as they arise. (“Where’s my mail my mom promised she sent me?” “I need to get my keys out of Tech Check to get my sunscreen!”) No problem is too big or too small, the Head of Camper Operations has a solution to them all. Every little detail counts, and at the end of camp, you’ll have printed a directory with camper’s contact information so they can connect in the real world.

Post camp, you will send out the thank you email and charge canteen accounts and follow up with credit cards that didn’t go through. Most importantly, you’ll have your sights set on preparing for the next camp, improving upon systems from the last camp and getting ready to do it all over again in a few weeks!

Running a summer camp for adults isn’t easy (or incredibly lucrative), but it sure is fun! The lifelong connections you will make to staff, campers and the community make it all worth it.

  • Believe in the mission of Camp Grounded / Digital Detox and act as a brand ambassador
  • Located (or willing to relocate) to the Bay Area
  • Self-directed : Able to execute on deliverables without much management
  • Be able to travel to and attend the five scheduled camps for the remaining 2016 season (California (August 1 – 5), North Carolina (August 16 – 29), Pennsylvania (August 29 – September 7) and Texas (October 3 – 11).)
  • Experience in Eventbrite, or similar ticketing platform, and reporting
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Experience in MailChimp, CampMinder (or similar CRM platform) and ability to create systems within those platforms preferred
  • Experience in Microsoft Suite & Google Drive Apps
  • Ability to turn information into easy-to-read and well formatted documents / excel sheets / etc.
  • Knowledge of inDesign and Photoshop
  • Beginner HTML knowledge required
  • Must work well in small group settings
  • Remain calm, positive and able to create and execute solutions in stressful situations
  • Email Resume & Cover Letter to with subject line “{Full Name} + Head of Operations Application”
  • Answer the following questions:
    • Why do you want to work for Camp Grounded?
    • What separates you from other applicants?
    • A camper comes to camp and they aren’t in your registration system and camp is completely sold out — what do you do?
    • On the last day of camp during check out, your volunteers tell you they can’t find a camper’s cell phone in Tech Check — what do you do?
    • Tell us your favorite trick to staying organized.