Dear Beautiful Humans of Planet Earth,

Levi aka Fidget Wigglesworth here — Camp Director of Camp Grounded and co-founder of Digital Detox.

We started Digital Detox and Camp Grounded to create spaces for people to put down their phones, look others in the eye, connect and play. We began with one retreat and then one camp session in California in 2013. Just a few years later, and we’ve taken Camp Grounded across the country. We have opened up 2 camps in North Carolina, another in Texas, and are expanding to New York in June. Why? Because campers asked us to… and the transformations, communities and experiences have been profound.

Taking camp across the country this year was going to be an ambitious challenge without anything else coming up… and, something else has come up.

It turns out I have cancer … a brain tumor, to be exact.

My Radiation Oncologist said I’ve probably had it since I was in high school or perhaps destined from birth. “It’s just really, really bad luck,” he said. It’s sort of devastating, perhaps. But as a Psychology Major (with Honors), I know that the best way to beat these things begins with the patient. I responded with, “I get to have this cancer… and we get to beat it, and watch it go away.”

He smiled and looked at me, “That’s the best attitude, an attitude that will beat this.”

(I make the ironic hashtag signs with my fingers)


Many people have been asking me how they can support me. It’s simple…

I want Camp Grounded to succeed, to grow and continue bringing people together! The success of 2016 brings me hope and will truly help me fight this tumor.

When this diagnosis happened, we even considered not doing Camp Grounded New York… BUT have instead, over the last week, decided to push forward, trust in the universe and rally. So let’s do this!

The outpouring of love from the community has been unbelievable. I am positive that this knock-knock joke will laugh with us. I want to express deep gratitude for my friends and family who are supporting me; especially my amazing partner Bruce. I want to express love for all of you. For believing in what we do, following our story, being a part of the narrative, and celebrating what it means to be human. This is a unique moment in human history, let’s play hard and shine. Thank You! Thank You! Don’t forget… call your mom or dad. Squeeze your siblings. Tell everyone that you love them. Take time to meditate or breathe or just laugh. This is the moment. This IS the experience. This is it and this is it. And this moment too. We’re all in this together…

Your friend, Camp Director and brother,
Levi Felix aka Fidget Wigglesworth