Gear Rentals Available Thanks to GetOutfitted!

Is your tent a little too retro to be functional? Is your sleeping bag packed away in the depths of your mom’s attic? Or are you coming to camp from far away and don’t want to schlep a sleeping bag on top of your suitcase full of costumes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our Gear Rental Program! Thanks to GetOutfitted, we have the best selection of sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and tents available for you to rent to make your time at Camp Grounded a comfy one.


Whether you’re staying in a bunk or pitching a tent, we’ve got you covered. Simply process your rental selections online and we’ll have everything waiting for you when you get to camp. It’s as easy as that!

We have four awesome options to make sure your nights under the stars are something memorable:

Sleeping Bag: $36

Forget the hassle of borrowing a sleeping bag from that friend of a friend. These Kelty sleeping bags are the warmest and comfiest ones on the market. When you zip up at night, you’ll be snuggled up

Sleeping Bag + Pad: $51

Looking for a little extra comfort while you catch those precious zzz’s? Add a sleeping pad to your rental! The Kelty PDA sleeping pad is super compact and lightweight. With an air chamber design that quickly inflates in just a few breaths, it balances comfort and weight to get you dreaming fast. This is perfect item for our tent villagers and those looking for some adventurous sleeping out of the bunk and under the stars.

1 Two Person Tent, 1 Sleeping Bag, and 1 Sleeping Pad: $110

This package contains everything you’ll need for three tranquil nights and four magical days in the redwoods. You’ll have your tent, sleeping bag, and pad set up and waiting for you when you get to camp. Whether you’re a Jackrabbit or a Rattlesnake, renting your gear means less time worrying and more time planning for your camp dance costume.

1 Four Person Tent, 2 Sleeping Bags, and 2 Sleeping Pads: $181

Tenting with a buddy? Great! We’ve got a package that ensures you’ll both sleep throughout the night without a single toss or turn. This luxurious Kelty Trailridge tent filled with the top notch sleeping bags and pads will feel like your own home away from home tucked away in the redwoods.

And if you love having your gear waiting for you at your destination, then you will love what GetOutfitted does in the real world. They make sure that campers and adventurers can hit the slopes, trail, or water whenever they want, hassle-free. Browse their stacked high-end gear selections online, select the dates of your excursion, and complete your quick and easy reservation. GetOutfitted will FedEx your gear to your home or wherever your headed. Once you’re done, put your gear back in the box it came in and drop it off at your nearest FedEx location (prepaid postage included!). We’re thrilled to partner up with GetOutfitted because they make it easy for people to play outside. They eliminate the obstacles and excuses and make it simple and affordable to plan an adventure. Be sure to snag your gear from them when you get out of the woods and head to the mountains (or wherever your next outdoor adventure may be).