The Kitchen + Canteen Stocked by Clover Dairy

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Nothing tastes more like camp than some milk and cookies or a warm gooey grilled cheese around a campfire. We are thrilled to announce that all of our dairy at our California Camp Grounded sessions will be brought to you by none other than Northern California’s favorite Clover Stornetta Farms! We are SO excited to partner with a company that loves cheese, milk, and ice cream just as much as we do.

While we play in the redwoods, our Canteen and Kitchen will be fully stocked with the finest dairy in the country. No joke! You won’t find a drop of rBST or any other yucky hormones and additives in any of their products. The farmers at Clover Stornetta Farms pride themselves on their high-quality standards that far surpass both state and federal criteria.

These folks don’t mess around when it comes to dairy. They’ve been doing this for a while now. In fact, this year marks their 100-year anniversary!  Their select group of multi-generational dairy farmers have been practicing organic and humane practices for years and years, way before it was cool. They take excellent care of their land, and more importantly their cows. These cows have a good life with plenty of open pastures to wander and green grass to munch on. And, they even have clean bedding when they get tucked in at night! This stress-free lifestyle leads to plenty of naturally-produced, delicious milk. Yum! So when you take a bite of that grilled cheese sandwich or a sip of that ice cream float, know that it comes from cleanest and happiest cows around.

Not only does Clover care about their cows and their land, but they also support local organizations making a big difference out there. We are honored to be recognized as a local company that Clover believes in. We believe in them too!  Their sustainable family business practices are making it a better (and tastier) place out there.

Be sure to check out their website to get your taste buds ready for all the dairy we have in store for you.