Business Insider Explains Why We Go Clockless at Camp Grounded

As soon as campers step off-the-grid at Camp Grounded, they hand over their computers, cell phones, tablets, and even watches to our ever-so official Tech Check crew. Yes, watches. While at camp, you won’t find a single time-telling device (analog or digital) in sight. We’ve used a handful of different innovative ways ranging from inches to percentages to explain the 1440 minutes in a day with our campers. Instead of constantly checking watches or worrying about deadlines, we are able to embrace being exactly where we were supposed to be. Without clocks, time no longer is an anxious constraint but rather it becomes an endless opportunity for connecting with new friends, learning a new skill, or simply relaxing.

We have reasons for our crazy antics here. Now thanks to a recent camper-written article in Business Insider you can see the scientific rhyme and reason as to why we go clockless at Camp Grounded.


Dive in and read more about the scientific research of going clockless here.