New York’s Lakeside Tunes

New York campers! Are you ready to twist and shout at Surprise Lake? We’ve got a group of amazingly talented musicians joining us in the woods. We’ll be listening to the sweet, sweet melodies of Rambo, Papa Bear, Moonie all weekend long.

RAMBO aka Graham Patzner

Camp Grounded’s favorite frontman will be serenading us with his powerful and dynamic landscape of songs. When he’s not touring around the country with Bay Area’s Whiskerman, Rambo enjoys causing trouble and making friends. At camp, you’ll  find this guy shredding the violin in the Tea Spot or chugging kombucha at the Canteen. Regardless of where you see him, be sure to say hi.

Papa Bear

Papa Bear is a Camp Grounded legend. He’s been enchanting us around the campfire from the very beginning. His lyrical content shows a bit of mystery, a whole lot of beauty, and  big helping of comedy. He’s got a big voice and an even bigger heart. You’ll find yourself singing and dancing with your two new friends before his set is over. During camp, he’ll be rockin’ with a s’more in one hand and a guitar in the other at the late night campfire.


We’re so excited for this Canadian-Californian gal aka Madeline Tasquin to bring her soulful melodies to New York. Her beautiful ballads dip from jazz-tinged folk to odd-meter soul, to twisted pop ballad and delicately dark fairy-tale. You’ll find yourself absolutely enchanted as you listen to her English and French tunes late night at the Tea Spot. When she’s not mesmerizing you with her vocals, she’ll be casting a spell on you with the ivory keys.

Dustbowl Revival

Grab your dancing shoes (and your lampshades) because this is going to be one of the best camp dances yet. We’ve got Dustbowl Revival stopping by to make sure it’s something to write home about. This eight-piece brass band does not mess around when it comes to a musical extravanganza. They play it all; bluegrass, swing, hot jazz, Pre-War Blues, New Orleans funk. You name it and this American roots orchestra will play it (really really well too). Prepare to transcend time when you see these folks play. They manage to tastefully blend the sounds of traditional American music and modern tunes to create a raucous dance party that’ll make you feel like you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.