10 Reasons to Get Your Booty to the Tea Spot

We finally just got the last grass stain out of our shirts and now it’s time to head off to another camp. The magic we all experienced in California and New York had a lot to do with those late night tea parties in The Tea Spot. We sought refuge from the rain and stepped into an extraordinary, zen haven filled with laughter, music, and of course tea.

Campers were amazed by the wide selection of teas to either help them slip into a deep slumber or stay up late to watch the sun rise. Both options left campers warm and satisfied.

We CANNOT wait to be sipping tea under the stars in the Blue Ridge Mountains!! Our partner The Tea Spot is excited about it too!

Here’s a list put together by The Tea Spot’s one and only Fog to get you ready for the magical late nights that await in the lakeside yurt:

10. Tea is a delicious way to wash down a S’more- or anything else for that matter!

So whatever kind of deliciously gooey campfire dessert you favor, you’re sure to find the perfect tea to accompany it. Hint: Dark chocolate loves to slow-dance with Oolong.

9. Herbal Tea is your new nightcap

Herbal nightcaps have been around longer than wine and whiskey and there’s a good reason why,herbs like valerian root have potent natural powers to help you slip into sweet slumber.


  8. ‘Cause everybody will be Gongfu-Sipping! Ha!

According to legend many ‘fast as lightning, kung fu fighting’ warriors of old would actually pause between battles to take a deep breath and share a pot of tea, gong fu style. Sounds crazy, right? But after a crazy day of high-kicking campground fun, that may be just the kind of bone-strengthening replenishment your body needs.

7. Sipping tea leads to sparkling conversation

Sharing tea with a fascinating stranger is one of life’s true delights!” so said a very wise tea-lover, for tea gives rise to powerful philosophical ponderings, piles of puffy poetics and delightfully deep dialogues that birth new, wonderful worlds.


6. Because you really want to see Big Foot

According to our sources, Big Foot can’t go a day without a pot of perfectly steeped green tea and since The Tea Spot is situated within a redwood forest – well, you connect the dots…

5. Tea drunkenness is hangover-free

Oh yeah, there really is such a thing as being ‘tea-drunk,’ though perhaps a more appropriate term would be ‘tea-ecstatic’ for it is a sublimely silly state, a state that over takes you, body and soul. And upon waking the next day, you feel nothing but relaxed, refreshed and completely rejuvenated.

4. It’s a wonderful way to woo your camp crush

Ok…so your heart’s gone aflutter at the very sight of him. Or is it her? Perhaps it’s both. The point is…you now want to get closer. Look no further than camelliasinensis for studies have shown that this magical tree contains aphrodisiac qualities and thus becomes the perfect vehicle to get cozy on a deeper level.

3. You want to stay up all night to see the sun rise

With a hot cup of tea, a kick of caffeine, and hundreds of new camp-buddies to help dance the night away, you’ll all be greeting the morning sun before you know it.

TheTeaSpot_ CG9

2. Launch into Innerspace

Tea’s natural combination of caffeine and L-theanine creates a meditative state of mind, the perfect way to deep dive into your digital detox. Om.

1.You’re ‘mad as a hatter’ and it’s time everyone knew it

Oh yeah, it’s time.

Curious about what teas await you?  Our amazing selection of Camp Grounded teas can be delivered right to your front door. Head on over to The Tea Spot‘s website to find all of Fog’s carefully curated Camp Grounded teas. Order your favorites and sip right back to those late night tea parties.