You Can Get “Camp Ready” – Even at Your “W”!

It’s about that time to start packing our bags to head off to another Camp Grounded session. Our last Color Wars were absolutely, hands down, ridiculous. Teams faced their competition with excellent sportspersonship (aka sports and chips), buckets of hydration, sparkling spirit, and a whole lot of badassary. The obstacles ranged from relay races to pun offs to sock wrestling and synchronized swimming (even on land). It was all incredible and we CANNOT wait to do it again!


Heading to North Carolina or Texas? Get ready to join us and The Go Game for the most absurd, ridiculous, indescribable camp experience. Our partners The Go Game have brought the most extreme silliness coast to coast and now it’s time to bring it to you. There’s no better way to gear up then to bring the games to your “W”.


Here are some tips from The Go Game to get you ready to go to bring your team to victory:

The initiated to Camp Grounded know that there is no work talk, or “W talk” allowed while you’re at Camp. Camp is place where we leave W behind, and surrender to fun, connection and more fun.

At The Go Game, we’re lucky our “W” is all about PLAY. Many of us spend nearly 35-40% of our lives at W, and we believe it’s essential to make that time rich and rewarding — just like camp!

Here are three easy ways you get into camp mode and imbue some fun into your W, even before you head to the woods:

1) If you need to create a name tag, use a nickname instead of your own. Once you’re at camp, everyone will call you by a nickname, so why not get used to it now?

2) Color Wars is chock FULL of absurd contests to earn major points for your team. Prepare for this extravanganza by challenging someone to a lunch-time forehead cookie tower contest!

3) At camp, we love to leave hand-written notes in our friends’ inboxes. It’s an easy way to brighten someone’s day, and make yours even better as well. At your office, start leaving analog messages for your favorite co-workers on their desk,taped to their food in the fridge, or under the windshield wiper on their car!

Want to bring even more camp-like fun to your place of work? Give us a shout. As one of our homies from Camp Grounded, you get a sweet gift when you use the code GROUNDED when an inquiry is placed here. But whether we come in to your office or not, definitely do the cookie tower thing. Because any excuse to eat a lot of Oreos is worth it…

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