You Can Get “Camp Ready” – Even at Your “W”!

It’s about that time to start packing our bags to head off to another Camp Grounded session. Our last Color Wars were absolutely, hands down, ridiculous. Teams faced their competition with excellent sportspersonship (aka sports and chips), buckets of hydration, sparkling spirit, and a whole lot of badassary. The obstacles ranged from relay races to pun offs to sock wrestling and synchronized swimming (even on land). It was all incredible and we CANNOT wait to do it again!


Heading to North Carolina or Texas? Get ready to join us and The Go Game for the most absurd, ridiculous, indescribable camp experience. Our partners The Go Game have brought the most extreme silliness coast to coast and now it’s time to bring it to you. There’s no better way to gear up then to bring the games to your “W”.


Here are some tips from The Go Game to get you ready to go to bring your team to victory:

The initiated to Camp Grounded know that there is no work talk, or “W talk” allowed while you’re at Camp. Camp is place where we leave W behind, and surrender to fun, connection and more fun.

At The Go Game, we’re lucky our “W” is all about PLAY. Many of us spend nearly 35-40% of our lives at W, and we believe it’s essential to make that time rich and rewarding — just like camp!

Here are three easy ways you get into camp mode and imbue some fun into your W, even before you head to the woods:

1) If you need to create a name tag, use a nickname instead of your own. Once you’re at camp, everyone will call you by a nickname, so why not get used to it now?

2) Color Wars is chock FULL of absurd contests to earn major points for your team. Prepare for this extravanganza by challenging someone to a lunch-time forehead cookie tower contest!

3) At camp, we love to leave hand-written notes in our friends’ inboxes. It’s an easy way to brighten someone’s day, and make yours even better as well. At your office, start leaving analog messages for your favorite co-workers on their desk,taped to their food in the fridge, or under the windshield wiper on their car!

Want to bring even more camp-like fun to your place of work? Give us a shout. As one of our homies from Camp Grounded, you get a sweet gift when you use the code GROUNDED when an inquiry is placed here. But whether we come in to your office or not, definitely do the cookie tower thing. Because any excuse to eat a lot of Oreos is worth it…

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10 Reasons to Get Your Booty to the Tea Spot

We finally just got the last grass stain out of our shirts and now it’s time to head off to another camp. The magic we all experienced in California and New York had a lot to do with those late night tea parties in The Tea Spot. We sought refuge from the rain and stepped into an extraordinary, zen haven filled with laughter, music, and of course tea.

Campers were amazed by the wide selection of teas to either help them slip into a deep slumber or stay up late to watch the sun rise. Both options left campers warm and satisfied.

We CANNOT wait to be sipping tea under the stars in the Blue Ridge Mountains!! Our partner The Tea Spot is excited about it too!

Here’s a list put together by The Tea Spot’s one and only Fog to get you ready for the magical late nights that await in the lakeside yurt:

10. Tea is a delicious way to wash down a S’more- or anything else for that matter!

So whatever kind of deliciously gooey campfire dessert you favor, you’re sure to find the perfect tea to accompany it. Hint: Dark chocolate loves to slow-dance with Oolong.

9. Herbal Tea is your new nightcap

Herbal nightcaps have been around longer than wine and whiskey and there’s a good reason why,herbs like valerian root have potent natural powers to help you slip into sweet slumber.


  8. ‘Cause everybody will be Gongfu-Sipping! Ha!

According to legend many ‘fast as lightning, kung fu fighting’ warriors of old would actually pause between battles to take a deep breath and share a pot of tea, gong fu style. Sounds crazy, right? But after a crazy day of high-kicking campground fun, that may be just the kind of bone-strengthening replenishment your body needs.

7. Sipping tea leads to sparkling conversation

Sharing tea with a fascinating stranger is one of life’s true delights!” so said a very wise tea-lover, for tea gives rise to powerful philosophical ponderings, piles of puffy poetics and delightfully deep dialogues that birth new, wonderful worlds.


6. Because you really want to see Big Foot

According to our sources, Big Foot can’t go a day without a pot of perfectly steeped green tea and since The Tea Spot is situated within a redwood forest – well, you connect the dots…

5. Tea drunkenness is hangover-free

Oh yeah, there really is such a thing as being ‘tea-drunk,’ though perhaps a more appropriate term would be ‘tea-ecstatic’ for it is a sublimely silly state, a state that over takes you, body and soul. And upon waking the next day, you feel nothing but relaxed, refreshed and completely rejuvenated.

4. It’s a wonderful way to woo your camp crush

Ok…so your heart’s gone aflutter at the very sight of him. Or is it her? Perhaps it’s both. The point is…you now want to get closer. Look no further than camelliasinensis for studies have shown that this magical tree contains aphrodisiac qualities and thus becomes the perfect vehicle to get cozy on a deeper level.

3. You want to stay up all night to see the sun rise

With a hot cup of tea, a kick of caffeine, and hundreds of new camp-buddies to help dance the night away, you’ll all be greeting the morning sun before you know it.

TheTeaSpot_ CG9

2. Launch into Innerspace

Tea’s natural combination of caffeine and L-theanine creates a meditative state of mind, the perfect way to deep dive into your digital detox. Om.

1.You’re ‘mad as a hatter’ and it’s time everyone knew it

Oh yeah, it’s time.

Curious about what teas await you?  Our amazing selection of Camp Grounded teas can be delivered right to your front door. Head on over to The Tea Spot‘s website to find all of Fog’s carefully curated Camp Grounded teas. Order your favorites and sip right back to those late night tea parties.

NOW HIRING: Director of Camper Operations

TIME COMMITMENT: FULL TIME, ASAP – November 1, 2016 (With possibility to extend)
LOCATION: Bay Area (CG Office is in Oakland, CA)
COMPENSATION: Negotiable Based on Experience

Camp Grounded is looking for a logistically-minded human to fill our Head of Camper Operations position and round out our Camper Relations Department for the remainder of the 2016 season (with possibility to extend into 2017). Our Camper Relations team is instrumental to the Camp Experience. From weekly informational emails to hand-stuffed Snail Mail packets filled with packing lists and campy surprises, the systems put into place and the attention to detail behind those systems is what makes our campers’ experience a smooth and unforgettable one. Our campers won’t see much of the work you do, but it is truly the backbone of camp. While everyone else is ditching their tech, you are dutifully behind-the-scenes, making the magic of camp possible. The Head of Camper Operation’s main focus is to make sure that each Camp Grounded weekend is seamless from the campers’ perspective. There will always be surprises and hiccups along the way, but the job of the Head of Camper Operations is to foresee those and solve them without campers ever knowing anything was awry.

The ideal candidate is always looking for ways to make systems more effective, and thrives in a background setting. The ideal candidate understands the importance of production and operations, and takes pride in knowing that their working is making a difference, even if they aren’t always interacting face-to-face with campers at camp. They are adaptable and positive and can support a team in a stressful situation by offering solutions to make it all happen. They’ll be building upon a strong foundation built by past management and have the support of an incredible team to end the 2016 season strong.


In this position, you will manage all operational aspects of the camper registration process from beginning to end. Through it all, you will be working closely with Camp Grounded’s Customer Relations Manager, who will be responsible for directly interfacing with campers and responding to the bulk of customer service inquiries — while your job is to make sure the back end systems are running smoothly and all ducks are in their rows. (No one likes out of row ducks.)

Pre-camp, you will manage our mailing list, assist with refunds and group ticket purchases, input campers into our CRM database from Eventbrite, and take on projects as they arise. Among many other things, you will assign campers to villages, work off of an existing camper communication email timeline and create new content specific to each location and make sure all campers get the information they need to get to camp safely, excited and prepared. You will be responsible for project managing the Snail Mail packets, from copy editing to print to creating the address labels and shipping them off to each camper, and packing up the office and setting it up in each new camp location.

During camp, you will be the office manager and oversee the registration process, including assembling registration binders, assigning inbox numbers and getting camper mail to the right place. You will update camper’s nicknames and credit card information for their Canteen purchases into our CRM system, and be the keeper of the keys to Tech Check, responding to any logistical camper needs as they arise. (“Where’s my mail my mom promised she sent me?” “I need to get my keys out of Tech Check to get my sunscreen!”) No problem is too big or too small, the Head of Camper Operations has a solution to them all. Every little detail counts, and at the end of camp, you’ll have printed a directory with camper’s contact information so they can connect in the real world.

Post camp, you will send out the thank you email and charge canteen accounts and follow up with credit cards that didn’t go through. Most importantly, you’ll have your sights set on preparing for the next camp, improving upon systems from the last camp and getting ready to do it all over again in a few weeks!

Running a summer camp for adults isn’t easy (or incredibly lucrative), but it sure is fun! The lifelong connections you will make to staff, campers and the community make it all worth it.

  • Believe in the mission of Camp Grounded / Digital Detox and act as a brand ambassador
  • Located (or willing to relocate) to the Bay Area
  • Self-directed : Able to execute on deliverables without much management
  • Be able to travel to and attend the five scheduled camps for the remaining 2016 season (California (August 1 – 5), North Carolina (August 16 – 29), Pennsylvania (August 29 – September 7) and Texas (October 3 – 11).)
  • Experience in Eventbrite, or similar ticketing platform, and reporting
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Experience in MailChimp, CampMinder (or similar CRM platform) and ability to create systems within those platforms preferred
  • Experience in Microsoft Suite & Google Drive Apps
  • Ability to turn information into easy-to-read and well formatted documents / excel sheets / etc.
  • Knowledge of inDesign and Photoshop
  • Beginner HTML knowledge required
  • Must work well in small group settings
  • Remain calm, positive and able to create and execute solutions in stressful situations
  • Email Resume & Cover Letter to with subject line “{Full Name} + Head of Operations Application”
  • Answer the following questions:
    • Why do you want to work for Camp Grounded?
    • What separates you from other applicants?
    • A camper comes to camp and they aren’t in your registration system and camp is completely sold out — what do you do?
    • On the last day of camp during check out, your volunteers tell you they can’t find a camper’s cell phone in Tech Check — what do you do?
    • Tell us your favorite trick to staying organized.

Fortune’s Look at Camp Grounded

Fortune recently looked at all of the adult summer camps popping up across the country. After narrowing down their list to the top 6 worth checking out, they did a further look at what Camp Grounded has to offer.

Using photos from Mr. Happy, you can get a glimpse of all of the silly, ridiculous, amazing activities campers chose to do at camp. Hope to see you in the woods!

Read more here

May 29, 2015 - Mendocino, California, United States: Camper at the typewriters range at Camp Grounded. (Natan Dvir / Polaris Images)

Fortune’s 6 Great Camps for Grown Ups

Need to escape the stresses of every day life? Looking to relive those wonderful memories from your childhood? Fortune looked at adult summer camps that enable grownups to explore a passion, live out a childhood dream, or simply have fun and games in the woods. Camp Grounded made the list of the top 6 out there! Check out what they have to say about us and the other 5 on the list.

Camp Pinnacle, NC

New York’s Lakeside Tunes

New York campers! Are you ready to twist and shout at Surprise Lake? We’ve got a group of amazingly talented musicians joining us in the woods. We’ll be listening to the sweet, sweet melodies of Rambo, Papa Bear, Moonie all weekend long.

RAMBO aka Graham Patzner

Camp Grounded’s favorite frontman will be serenading us with his powerful and dynamic landscape of songs. When he’s not touring around the country with Bay Area’s Whiskerman, Rambo enjoys causing trouble and making friends. At camp, you’ll  find this guy shredding the violin in the Tea Spot or chugging kombucha at the Canteen. Regardless of where you see him, be sure to say hi.

Papa Bear

Papa Bear is a Camp Grounded legend. He’s been enchanting us around the campfire from the very beginning. His lyrical content shows a bit of mystery, a whole lot of beauty, and  big helping of comedy. He’s got a big voice and an even bigger heart. You’ll find yourself singing and dancing with your two new friends before his set is over. During camp, he’ll be rockin’ with a s’more in one hand and a guitar in the other at the late night campfire.


We’re so excited for this Canadian-Californian gal aka Madeline Tasquin to bring her soulful melodies to New York. Her beautiful ballads dip from jazz-tinged folk to odd-meter soul, to twisted pop ballad and delicately dark fairy-tale. You’ll find yourself absolutely enchanted as you listen to her English and French tunes late night at the Tea Spot. When she’s not mesmerizing you with her vocals, she’ll be casting a spell on you with the ivory keys.

Dustbowl Revival

Grab your dancing shoes (and your lampshades) because this is going to be one of the best camp dances yet. We’ve got Dustbowl Revival stopping by to make sure it’s something to write home about. This eight-piece brass band does not mess around when it comes to a musical extravanganza. They play it all; bluegrass, swing, hot jazz, Pre-War Blues, New Orleans funk. You name it and this American roots orchestra will play it (really really well too). Prepare to transcend time when you see these folks play. They manage to tastefully blend the sounds of traditional American music and modern tunes to create a raucous dance party that’ll make you feel like you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Business Insider Explains Why We Go Clockless at Camp Grounded

As soon as campers step off-the-grid at Camp Grounded, they hand over their computers, cell phones, tablets, and even watches to our ever-so official Tech Check crew. Yes, watches. While at camp, you won’t find a single time-telling device (analog or digital) in sight. We’ve used a handful of different innovative ways ranging from inches to percentages to explain the 1440 minutes in a day with our campers. Instead of constantly checking watches or worrying about deadlines, we are able to embrace being exactly where we were supposed to be. Without clocks, time no longer is an anxious constraint but rather it becomes an endless opportunity for connecting with new friends, learning a new skill, or simply relaxing.

We have reasons for our crazy antics here. Now thanks to a recent camper-written article in Business Insider you can see the scientific rhyme and reason as to why we go clockless at Camp Grounded.


Dive in and read more about the scientific research of going clockless here.




The Kitchen + Canteen Stocked by Clover Dairy

EcloFriendly2010 (1)

Nothing tastes more like camp than some milk and cookies or a warm gooey grilled cheese around a campfire. We are thrilled to announce that all of our dairy at our California Camp Grounded sessions will be brought to you by none other than Northern California’s favorite Clover Stornetta Farms! We are SO excited to partner with a company that loves cheese, milk, and ice cream just as much as we do.

While we play in the redwoods, our Canteen and Kitchen will be fully stocked with the finest dairy in the country. No joke! You won’t find a drop of rBST or any other yucky hormones and additives in any of their products. The farmers at Clover Stornetta Farms pride themselves on their high-quality standards that far surpass both state and federal criteria.

These folks don’t mess around when it comes to dairy. They’ve been doing this for a while now. In fact, this year marks their 100-year anniversary!  Their select group of multi-generational dairy farmers have been practicing organic and humane practices for years and years, way before it was cool. They take excellent care of their land, and more importantly their cows. These cows have a good life with plenty of open pastures to wander and green grass to munch on. And, they even have clean bedding when they get tucked in at night! This stress-free lifestyle leads to plenty of naturally-produced, delicious milk. Yum! So when you take a bite of that grilled cheese sandwich or a sip of that ice cream float, know that it comes from cleanest and happiest cows around.

Not only does Clover care about their cows and their land, but they also support local organizations making a big difference out there. We are honored to be recognized as a local company that Clover believes in. We believe in them too!  Their sustainable family business practices are making it a better (and tastier) place out there.

Be sure to check out their website to get your taste buds ready for all the dairy we have in store for you.



Your Morning Brew From Artis

The Bay Area has its fair share of first-class coffee roasters. They’ve got the best of the best, which is why we are honored to partner up with Berkeley born, micro-coffee roaster Artis Coffee for our entire summer’s coffee needs. We’ll be sipping on Artis’ sustainably and ethically sourced coffee from coast to coast. Whether we’re sitting underneath the California redwoods or watching the sun glisten on Lake LBJ, each morning at Camp Grounded is guaranteed to start off with a cup (or two or three) of the finest coffee around.

Artis has revitalized the coffee culture, changing the way we view each cup of coffee one roast at a time. They’ve pioneered a new uncharted territory; live-roasting. To them, coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up. Each cup is a story woven together through geography, culture and flavor. They put some serious TLC into each batch of beans and you can truly taste it. All of their coffees are roasted live and on demand to make sure your last sip is as fresh and delicious as your first. They believe your coffee is personal, and your roasting experience should be too.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Additionally, Artís seeks to work with partners that do some serious good in the world. As a part of the Artís Seed Fund, we partner with organizations that cultivate projects focused on the environment, entrepreneurship, and education locally and globally. We are honored to be recognized by Artis as an organization making a big difference. We’re so excited to have Artis as the official coffee sponsor for Camp Grounded. It couldn’t be a more perfect fit. As a like-minded maker, their values of exploration, creativity, and craft weave perfectly into the fiber of the Camp Grounded philosophy. We both treasure the live experiences that define the present moment. So make sure you pack your mug (or you can buy one at the Canteen) because each sip of Artis’ fine coffee will remind you that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

To read more about how Artis is turning coffee into one-on-one IRL experiences, check out their website:


ƒ_ArtisLogo_CMYK_Black with Icons



Gear Rentals Available Thanks to GetOutfitted!

Is your tent a little too retro to be functional? Is your sleeping bag packed away in the depths of your mom’s attic? Or are you coming to camp from far away and don’t want to schlep a sleeping bag on top of your suitcase full of costumes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our Gear Rental Program! Thanks to GetOutfitted, we have the best selection of sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and tents available for you to rent to make your time at Camp Grounded a comfy one.


Whether you’re staying in a bunk or pitching a tent, we’ve got you covered. Simply process your rental selections online and we’ll have everything waiting for you when you get to camp. It’s as easy as that!

We have four awesome options to make sure your nights under the stars are something memorable:

Sleeping Bag: $36

Forget the hassle of borrowing a sleeping bag from that friend of a friend. These Kelty sleeping bags are the warmest and comfiest ones on the market. When you zip up at night, you’ll be snuggled up

Sleeping Bag + Pad: $51

Looking for a little extra comfort while you catch those precious zzz’s? Add a sleeping pad to your rental! The Kelty PDA sleeping pad is super compact and lightweight. With an air chamber design that quickly inflates in just a few breaths, it balances comfort and weight to get you dreaming fast. This is perfect item for our tent villagers and those looking for some adventurous sleeping out of the bunk and under the stars.

1 Two Person Tent, 1 Sleeping Bag, and 1 Sleeping Pad: $110

This package contains everything you’ll need for three tranquil nights and four magical days in the redwoods. You’ll have your tent, sleeping bag, and pad set up and waiting for you when you get to camp. Whether you’re a Jackrabbit or a Rattlesnake, renting your gear means less time worrying and more time planning for your camp dance costume.

1 Four Person Tent, 2 Sleeping Bags, and 2 Sleeping Pads: $181

Tenting with a buddy? Great! We’ve got a package that ensures you’ll both sleep throughout the night without a single toss or turn. This luxurious Kelty Trailridge tent filled with the top notch sleeping bags and pads will feel like your own home away from home tucked away in the redwoods.

And if you love having your gear waiting for you at your destination, then you will love what GetOutfitted does in the real world. They make sure that campers and adventurers can hit the slopes, trail, or water whenever they want, hassle-free. Browse their stacked high-end gear selections online, select the dates of your excursion, and complete your quick and easy reservation. GetOutfitted will FedEx your gear to your home or wherever your headed. Once you’re done, put your gear back in the box it came in and drop it off at your nearest FedEx location (prepaid postage included!). We’re thrilled to partner up with GetOutfitted because they make it easy for people to play outside. They eliminate the obstacles and excuses and make it simple and affordable to plan an adventure. Be sure to snag your gear from them when you get out of the woods and head to the mountains (or wherever your next outdoor adventure may be).