Color Wars Brought to You by The Go Game

It’s go time! This year, we’re teaming up with our good friends over at The Go Game to make Color Wars better than ever. During Color Wars, campers are divided into either two or four teams – blue, red, yellow, or green – where they compete in contests, games, and relay races for points awarded from our very official judges. We’re talking synchronized swimming, sock wrestling, pie eating and other ridiculous competitions. The folks over at The Go Game are going take all of this to a whole new level and we CANNOT wait!CG2015_1stSession_2015May24_IMG_5534_Screen

The Go Game crew is made up of professional game runners who place play above all else. The vision of The Go Game is to bring playfulness to an often serious world. This summer, expect even more Color War intensity, silliness, and overall spontaneous shenanigans throughout our days at camp. Keep an eye out for game runners dressed in bright orange jumpsuits — they’ll be the ones breaking out into impromptu games and refereeing Zorb soccer games (which is something you’ll definitely want to join in on) at the Parade Field.  And if you ever need a partner for a good ol’ fashioned Thumb War or an epic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, be sure to ask one of these pro gamers. They live and breathe games, no matter the level.


Think your “W” could use a little play? Be sure to spend some time with The Go Game once you’re out of the woods. You could have your new friends in orange jumpsuits come play with your company to lead team building that will resemble the craziness of camp’s Color Wars. The Go Game’s real world adventure games get you running around the streets of your city on an urban scavenger hunt and playing Tug of War with your co-workers. These games help groups learn about each other, their community, and their neighborhood by having them complete silly challenges…in public.gg_ShowGame_Hfive-58

While unplugging at Camp Grounded, The Go Game goes completely analog. But once they’re back on the grid, they creatively use their tech to help folks connect and play outside. We’re fans of anyone who can find a way to use their technology to actually bring people together. But if you think your “W” needs a total tech break, The Go Game has some offline games too. The Slow Game helps bring mindfulness, awareness and meditation to companies who spend most of their days staring down at their devices.


To learn more about The Go Game (and to prepare yourself for the fun games that await you) visit See you at camp!


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Dear Beautiful Humans of Planet Earth,

Levi aka Fidget Wigglesworth here — Camp Director of Camp Grounded and co-founder of Digital Detox.

We started Digital Detox and Camp Grounded to create spaces for people to put down their phones, look others in the eye, connect and play. We began with one retreat and then one camp session in California in 2013. Just a few years later, and we’ve taken Camp Grounded across the country. We have opened up 2 camps in North Carolina, another in Texas, and are expanding to New York in June. Why? Because campers asked us to… and the transformations, communities and experiences have been profound.

Taking camp across the country this year was going to be an ambitious challenge without anything else coming up… and, something else has come up.

It turns out I have cancer … a brain tumor, to be exact.

My Radiation Oncologist said I’ve probably had it since I was in high school or perhaps destined from birth. “It’s just really, really bad luck,” he said. It’s sort of devastating, perhaps. But as a Psychology Major (with Honors), I know that the best way to beat these things begins with the patient. I responded with, “I get to have this cancer… and we get to beat it, and watch it go away.”

He smiled and looked at me, “That’s the best attitude, an attitude that will beat this.”

(I make the ironic hashtag signs with my fingers)


Many people have been asking me how they can support me. It’s simple…

I want Camp Grounded to succeed, to grow and continue bringing people together! The success of 2016 brings me hope and will truly help me fight this tumor.

When this diagnosis happened, we even considered not doing Camp Grounded New York… BUT have instead, over the last week, decided to push forward, trust in the universe and rally. So let’s do this!

The outpouring of love from the community has been unbelievable. I am positive that this knock-knock joke will laugh with us. I want to express deep gratitude for my friends and family who are supporting me; especially my amazing partner Bruce. I want to express love for all of you. For believing in what we do, following our story, being a part of the narrative, and celebrating what it means to be human. This is a unique moment in human history, let’s play hard and shine. Thank You! Thank You! Don’t forget… call your mom or dad. Squeeze your siblings. Tell everyone that you love them. Take time to meditate or breathe or just laugh. This is the moment. This IS the experience. This is it and this is it. And this moment too. We’re all in this together…

Your friend, Camp Director and brother,
Levi Felix aka Fidget Wigglesworth

Conversations Matter

This Thursday, our friends over at the Dalai Lama Fellows will be hosting a dialogue surrounding inner transformation to effect ethical and compassionate social change. This is an event not to miss! It will be a great chance to listen to experts Birju Pandya, Pancho Ramos Stierle, and 2014 Dalai Lama Fellow, Oscar Paul Medina discuss the importance of social good in the world we live in. Grab yourself a free ticket and prepare to be transformed.

Can’t make it this week? Don’t worry, it’s a year long series with amazing guests each week. Be sure to keep a look out for who will be joining the Dalai Lama Fellows next time.

For more information about the Dalai Lama Fellows, be sure to check out their website here.

2016 Camp Grounded Full-Ride Scholarships

full-ride scholarship

Over the past two years, two inspiring members of our Camp Grounded family have passed away. Max & Dan were the true embodiment of a life well lived. We want to honor these campers by offering two full-ride tickets to Camp Grounded. Whether you “Live Life to the Max” or forge new paths to make the world a better, healthier and brighter place, we want to hear from you.

Read more about each of them and apply for the scholarship that most resonates with you. We’ll be picking two individuals in a few weeks.




Northern California: May 20 – 23, 2016

Our friend Max Mendoza (Lux Warrior) was a traveler and catalyst who lived a full life. Max was never satisfied with the mundane. Every conversation could go deeper, every game could be played harder, every laugh could be louder. Max was a role model for all of us on how you could take life to the “Max”. He lost his life while hiking in a ravine in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This year, Camp Grounded wants to honor the spirit of Lux Warrior by offering one full-ride scholarship in his memory to Session I, Northern California.To apply, let us know how you live life to the “Max” in 500 words.




New York: June 10 – 13, 2016

Dan Fredinburg (Raptor) was a climate activist, explorer, and entrepreneur. He lived a life of “adventure activism” through his world travels promoting change-making organizations in need of support. His friends and family describe “Living Dan” as “living life as you are, who you are, and who you want to be. Nothing is unachievable. Sometimes that means taking the more difficult, less traveled roads.”  Raptor lost his life in the 2015 earthquake and avalanche of Nepal (on his second hike through Mt. Everest.)

We want to honor Dan by offering one full-ride scholarship to Camp Grounded New York. To apply, let us know how you “Live Dan” in 500 words.



Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.43.42 AM

We want everyone who wants to be at camp to be able to come to camp, regardless of their income.
We are constantly striving to make camp as inclusive as possible, and recognize ticket price is a barrier for some people who would otherwise benefit from the camp experience.

For the first time, we are proud to be able to offer low-income tickets to those who qualify.
We have a limited amount of tickets available, and will be sorting through applications based on essays & income-based need on a rolling basis.

Apply Now For Low-Income Tickets

Letters Home

On the last day of camp, campers sit down and write a letter to their future selves to remember who they were in that moment, how camp affecting them and lessons to bring back into their daily lives. Their letters are sealed and snail mailed to them to a future date of their choosing. Whether it’s 2 months of 2 years from their last day at camp, a letter addressed to themselves will make its way to their mailbox with reminders of what it meant to be at Camp Grounded.

With Camp Grounded 2016 quickly approaching, we went back and asked some of our campers to share their Letters Home. Here are some of our favorites.


Letters Home -- Wildman1

“You came back to camp to remember some things you had forgotten, and you accomplished that. You remembered what it feels like to SLOW DOWN. Remember the nights looking at that wide open sky? Shooting stars by the bucketfull! Remember how easy and it fest to just be, without attachment? Remember the sunset on the dock with everyone, appreciating the moment.” — Phoenix Wildman


Letters Home -- Cotton Bud

“You are more beautiful, stronger, braver, loved and appreciated than you give yourself credit for. Let yourself be seen. Be big. Occupy the space you’re mean to have.” — Cottonbud


Letters Home 038 - Starshine Day

“I hope you remember how intensely you feel when you are writing this. I hope that you’ve continued to intentionally and unapologetically as yourself. What you wanted to take from camp was the understanding that the you that you are is only inferior when you are holding it back.” — Starshine

CNET takes a look at Camp Grounded

Often times it feels impossible to escape today’s constant tech use. Everywhere you look whether you’re at a restaurant, bar, or even in your own home, you’ll find the people around you glued down to their screens. CG2015_1stSession_2015May23_MK3_2269_ScreenAlthough this problem seems to be at every turn, people are beginning to make a change. CNET explored what folks (including us) are doing to take a break from technology and start the conversation about why it’s important to disconnect.

“But there’s more to Camp Grounded than practicing archery and swinging from trees. The camp, whose motto is ‘disconnect to reconnect,’ wants overstimulated people to question what exactly they’re consuming online and how often. ‘Are these tools really good for us?’ Felix asks.”

To read the full story about how Camp Grounded and other establishments are creating tech-free spaces, click here.

Unplug LA!

After an awesome party in San Francisco, we packed up our cars and drove on down to Venice Beach to host an epic Unplug LA shin dig! Over 300 people joined us in celebrating National Day of Unplugging with live music, arts n crafts, and IRL connections.


Cello Joe, Whiskerman, and Brett Hunter made the trek down with us to share some of Camp Grounded’s favorite music with LA. We had a few camp sing-a-longs, a couple of intimate performances, and one HUGE dance party. We had a blast! IMG_0149The arts n crafts room was just as poppin’! Laughter and music filled the air as everyone painted faces, typed a letter or two, and crafted the night away.


The Divine Rhyme Freedom Expression Experience with Z-Galt was a highlight of the night. Party-goers beatbox’ed, free-styled and had fun learning the beauty of spoken word.

IMG_9235We had so much fun celebrating National Day of Unplugging with all of our new friends. Thank you to everyone who checked their tech and the door and joined us in a night off off-the-grid fun.

Unplug SF!

On March 4th, we partnered up with Reboot for our 4th annual Unplug SF device-free party. Over 400 of our closest (and new!) friends braved the rain to check their phones at the door and spend the night dancing, face painting, and connecting without any digital distractions.

1e2a2169jpg_24907528824_oAs soon as they ditched their phones, party-goers immediately took to the dance floor for a line up of amazing performances. Camp Grounded’s favorites Cello Joe, The Brett Hunter Band, The Wild Steeds and Whiskerman played hit after hit that kept us dancing and singing all night long. And when the music stopped, the fun continued with an epic game of The Go Game‘s Rock, Paper, Scissors All-Stars and some good ol’ fashion camp sing-a-longs.


When folks weren’t dancing, they were crafting away in arts n crafts room.  The sound of laughter and furious typing filled the room as people tapped into their creative sides.  New friends made each other friendship bracelets and they colored postcards for Random Acts of KINDness. By the end of the party we had a beautiful collection of art hanging from the ceiling. It was AWESOME! 1e2a2205jpg_25170580069_o And for those that wanted a piece of art to remember the night, we had some talented artists with colored pencils sharpened and ready for some hand-drawn portraits. People waited in line for over to hour to walk away with this special personalized memento from the evening.


Thanks to everyone who came out to make Unplug SF one of our best parties yet. We hope you made two new friends and enjoyed an epic device-free shin dig. Can’t wait to see you at the next one!

Our First-Ever Analog Dating Night

Well that was fun!! Last week, we teamed up with The Go Game and SoMa StrEats Food Park for our first-ever Analog Dating Night as a Pre-Valentine’s Day extravaganza. It was a hit! In case you missed it (or just want to relive how great your night was), here’s a rundown of how the night went:
Before entering the device-free zone, over 500 humans sealed their fate at the door…literally. After turning off their phones and licking them shut in Tech Check envelopes, folks joined us in the launch of our IRL Dating App: Embers.
Everyone excitedly received a number (which they proudly wore throughout the night) and an Embers profile. The profiles, crafted by Camp Grounded’s own love experts, aimed to help users match with people based on their best dance moves, favorite food, and hand-drawn self-portraits. Once they pinned their own profile up, it was time to scour the walls of profiles to find some swipe-less matches.
The Embers profile walls quickly filled with colorful profiles of people looking for a dance partner, hiking buddy, and even their next IRL crush. Love of all kinds was in the air as our Human Cupids scurried throughout the party delivering messages from secret and not-so-secret admirers. Even party-goers joined in on the Human Cupid fun! People were running around playing matchmaker and loving every second of it. Strangers cozied up a the arts n crafts tables to color, paint, and type help connect matches all night.
Sparks continued to fly as people moved inside to the dance floor. We had a great line up of talented musical acts. Chelsea Coleman set the tone for the night with her sweet, angelic melodies. Madeline Tasquin continued on with two magical sets before Marty O’Reilley and the Old Soul Orchestra hit the stage.

A dating night would incomplete without a dating game! Our proud partners, The Go Game, sent in their top-notch hosts to help some love-seekers find their match. After some silly antics and rounds of probing questions, the contestants walked away with love (hopefully). 20160211-1e2a1313jpg_24625115929_o

The night wrapped up with a full dance floor for another set of music from the Old Soul Orchestra. When the music ended, new friends and potential matches embraced and awkwardly figured out how to exchange information without their devices. We had a blast spending the night connecting IRL and we hope you did too.


Did you find a match at the Analog Date Night or have a hilariously awesome story to share? We want to hear it! Email info@thedigitaldetox with your great tale.