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As seen in Print, Digital Radio & Broadcast Media

Press & Reviews

As seen in Print, Digital Radio & Broadcast Media

“Best Places to Unplug”


“One Glorious, tech-free weekend.”

Business Insider

“Life Enhancing.”

Yoga Journal

“Escape the Internet. Unplug & Recharge.”

Huffington Post

“A whimsical return to childhood.”

New York Times

“The Ultimate Decelerator”


“Trade Smart-Phones for Sing-A-Longs”


“The Best Summer Camps for Adults.”

Men's Journal

“Tired of Social Media Treadmill? Consider this.”

Daily Mail

“A Community is about to emerge… just don’t expect any live tweets”

The guardian (UK)

“The Digital Detox Gurus… The Best Summer Camps Near SF”

Bold Italic

“Write Your Name on the Inside of Your Undies and Grab some Granola Bars”


“Break Free from Your Social Media Addiction at Camp Grounded”

“Off-the-Grid Oasis Where People Can Let Go of all Things Digital…”

San Jose Mercury

Time for a Digital Intervention: Top Seven Spots that Force You to Unplug

The Daily Beast

“…by the end of the weekend, they say the experience gave them a new perspective on their relationships with technology and social media.”

“The urge to check in, to check out, to Vine, to Snap, to Tumbl, faded with surprising ease… money, clocks, alcohol, drugs, and any talk of people’s ages or work were all off-limits.”

new yorker

“It was exhausting, it was a social experiment… a beautiful experience that brought me back to life.”

Travel + Leisure

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