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Camp Grounded for Teams & Companies

Whether you want to bring your company to Camp Grounded, set up a customized color wars experience, or create a Camp Grounded just for your company, we’ll give your team a unique experience that will have long-lasting impact. We work with you to customize an experience that matches your needs and desires, while integrating mindfulness, fun, wellbeing and good camp-like camaraderie. We also help leadership create and maintain an integrated culture of balance, play and Digital Detox so the program doesn’t end when we say goodbye.

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Thanks for creating such a unique experience in such a creative way. People have been raving about all of the activities that your phenomenal team set up and everyone was so impressed with how personable you all were. Such a wonderful way for people to meet each other, have a break from work, and just have a blast.”

Send Your Company to Camp

Healthy Gourmet Camp Meals, Live Music, 30+ Playshops, Campfires, Yoga, Counselors, Arts ‘n Crafts, Camp Dance, Talent Show, Sing-A-Longs, Rockwall Climbing, Archery, Swimming, Meditation, Typewriters, Capture the Flag, Classic Cabins, Color Wars, Kickball, Stargazing, Sweat Lodges, Program Specialists, Wellness Tipis, S’mores & More…

Have our team create a custom Camp Grounded experience just for your company, or send individual employees and teams to an existing Camp Grounded session. We create custom Camp Grounded camps for groups of 50-500+.

Both multi-day and single day off-site are available.

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“Camp Grounded & Digital Detox put on the most memorable team offsite that I have ever attended! At Google, our business is technology. We spend every day working towards keeping the world connected. We took a big risk by bringing 200 Google employees to summer camp, asking them to step away from tech and time. However, what we discovered was 200 people who found new connections with friends, nature and themselves. Camp allowed us to strip away titles and remove the “W” word (work) from our vocabulary. We created new bonds and friendships that we likely would never have been able to do in our regular environment. Our team walked away feeling refreshed and reconnected with each other. We can’t wait to come back again next year!”
-Taylor Tobin, Google

Thank you SO much for the amazing Digital Detox Day Camp… the nicknames have continued even back in the office which shows me that they don’t want camp to end either…Pandora


At Camp Grounded & Digital Detox we offer over 50 different playshops and creative programming. Looking to bring some camp into your offices or excited to curate a day of programming that fits your company’s unique desires? No problem. Pick and choose from a variety of programming and we’ll create a custom experience just for you.

Whether you want us to bring in one playshop or twenty, we’ve got you covered.

Example Playshops:
Stilt Walking // Song Writing // Creative Writing on Typewriters // Truffle Making // Non-Violent Communication 101 // Bread Baking // Mask Making // Improv // Beat Boxing 101 // Drawing // Digital Detox 101 // Tech-Mindfulness // Yoga // Thai Massage 101 // Clowning // Crochet Class // Game Facilitation 101

Booking Packages
One-Time Playshops / Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly

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Color Wars in Partnership with “The Go Game


There is nothing more ‘camp’ than Color Wars.

We divide your company into different color teams, provide them with props, costumes, outfits and facepaint… and watch as they compete in a series of outrageously ridiculous, fantastically absurdish, wild and amazing games, relay races, scavenger hunts and challenges. Everyone walks a way a winner, no matter who loses. Our refs come prepared in full regalia to judge the world’s most important olympics games (or so it will seem). A perfect way to blow off steam, connect with your company, celebrate, bond, learn new skills and communication tactics, and remember that in the end… we’re all just a bunch of grown-up kids after all.


Why did we partner with The Go Game? Because they are awesome.

The vision of The Go Game is to bring play and playfulness to an often serious world. Our partnership with The Go Game is a perfect alignment of values — to foster opportunities for adults to play together and connect in new and surprising ways. Together we use Color Wars and a multitude of other games to get people collaborating, problem-solving and always, always laughing. Past gaming projects of The Go Game include citywide food truck scavenger hunts, road trip games to benefit parks, and zombie-themed disaster preparedness. Team-building experiences for younger workforces include tools like a Karaoke Rickshaw, espionage-themed adventure games, massive music video competitions, a ridiculous road rally, or taking over an island.

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Have a busy day of work or conference?
Need to infuse some play into your company culture?

We’ll take your team to recess and reinvigorate them with games, competition, laughter, sport and a meditation to round things out. Our professional players will come teach your team how to play in new and innovative ways, while providing Digital Detox insights to help them stay grounded when returning to their desks.

Why? Studies show that you can focus more after playing and exerting yourself in a variety of ways. Get those creative juices flowing by playing outside the box. It’s an amazing way to forge new friendships amongst teams, get the creative juices running and give people the permission they need to be silly.

Booking Package
One-Time Recess / Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly

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Yoga, meditation, breathwork, traditional tea-ceremony, mindfulness, movement, stress-reduction, massage, superfood truffle making and self care.

Investing in the personal health and wellbeing of your team is a direct investment into the success of your company.

We offer a variety of programs – from a one-time recess experience, to having a team member coming in weekly, monthly or quarterly.

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Device-Free Parties

We throw kickass parties.
They’ve been featured in the New York Times, SF Chronicle, Daily Candy, Flavor Pill and a number of other publications. Our public parties always sell out. Have us host one just for your team.

We curate the best music, art, and interactive analog activities while creating a celebratory camp like experience.

Attendees check their cellphones at the door in our one-of-a-kind “Tech-Check,” we give them a pocket journal to get phone numbers and pass notes (instead of tweets), and send them on their way into the fiesta with face paint, a new nickname and a personal scavenger hunt. Expect pet-rock stations, a human-powered search engine, an analog ‘wall’ and ‘newsfeed,’ typewriters, arts, crafts and even some large scale camp games hosted by our incredible counselors.

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