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Summer 2014

Digital Detox:

Summer 2014


Summer Camp for Adults

Anderson Valley, Ca

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Registration Includes: Healthy Meals, Accommodations, Camp Workshops, Yoga & Wellness, Live Music, Camp Dance and More...

Camp Grounded (written in stitched letters)

Where grown-ups go to unplug, getaway and be kids again.

Over 200+ lucky campers will take over this nostalgic scouts camp to celebrate what it means to be alive.

Trade in your computer, cell phone, Instagrams, clocks,

schedules and work-jargon for an off-the-grid weekend of pure unadulterated fun.

Together we'll create a community where money is worth little... and individuality, self expression, friendship, freedom and memories are valued most.

Disconnect to Reconnect.



Creative Writing
Camp Dance
Communal Meals
Color Wars
Live Music
the Flag
Solar Carving
Free Time
Talent Show
Rockwall Climbing
Tea Yurt
Sneaking Out
Dance Class
Survival Skills
Candle Making
First Love All Over Again
Song Writing
Analog Photography
...And Much More

Daily Programming Includes

Yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa, & Yin

Morning & Evening Meditation

Qi-Gong & Tai-Chi


All Camp Silence

Mindfullness Sessions

Digital Detox 101

Fear Burning

Wellness Yurt & Tea Lounge

Gourmet Camp Food

Healthy, sustainable and delicious meals reminiscent of your favorite childhood dishes


Our chef prepares with only the best and tastiest ingredients. The majority of our produce and meat are sourced locally and/or organically, always with the taste of environment and justice at the tips of our taste buds. All animal products served will be natural, cage free, cruelty-free.

All Diets & Allergies

We accommodate all diets. Whether Gluten-free, Vegan, Vegetarian or Carnivore, we ensure that all campers are full to their liking, just like being back at grandma’s house. Camp is about keeping our campers fed and nourished.


Food is central to weaving together community, health, history, culture, lineage, and the environment. We believe in the philosophy of holistic nutrition, and the ability to heal the body through food. This is not just a Digital Detox, but a healthy getaway to feel revived.

Campers love their coffee. So we’ve partnered up with the good folks over at Bicycle Coffee Co to provide sustainable, fresh, bike powered coffee every morning. We're talking pour-over, hand drip coffee.

Oh sweet music to our ears. And for those who like the strong cold brew, we’ll make sure to have some on tap for you in the woods this summer.

Camp Grounded Rules

Click on Each Rule to Learn More

~ Adults Only ~

~ No W-Talk ~

~ Age Doesn't Matter ~

~ No Digital Technology ~

~ Leave Time Behind ~

~ No Outside Food or Drink ~

Adults Only

This is a summer camp for adults. Leave your children and pets at home. Yes, imaginary friends are welcome.

No W-Talk

Talking about work is strictly prohibited at Camp Grounded. This is not the place to network or find connections for your J-O-B; camp is for making friends and memories.

Age Doesn't Matter

As far as we’re concerned, we are all just big kids and your age doesn’t matter. Especially when it comes to falling in love, taking advice, telling secrets under the stars or sharing a game of capture the flag.

No Digital Technology

The use of all digital technology is strictly prohibited at camp. This includes all gadgets including fax machines, gameboys, ps3’s, cellular telephones, computers, eBooks, iPods, gps systems, digital cameras, calculator watches, and any other form of digital technology.

Leave Time Behind

We do not wear watches or worry about strict schedules. Together we’ll rise with the sun and fall asleep under the stars, leaving the world of alarms and clocks behind, enjoying each moment as it is experienced. And no matter where you are, you are always right on time. Sundials however, are encouraged.

No Outside Food or Drink

Outside food or drinks are not allowed inside the campgrounds and will be confiscated by your counselors if found (just like when they took your chocolate as a kid). Animals, insects and humans (counselors) will smell your food from a mile away and will do anything to get to it... and this can cause unforeseen problems for everyone, especially since the cabins are open to the natural world.

In addition, we ask that you help create a healthy space for everyone, away from the world of adult distraction (no drugs or alcohol). This is a camp created to help you stay grounded and celebrate life.

If your diet requires special attention or nourishment, please notify the Camp Director before coming so we can make space in our camp kitchen for your special bites.

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We are always looking for collaborators,

camp counselors, program directors, partners,

sponsors, and new ideas to make this

the best camp possible


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About the Location: Camp Navarro

Camp Navarro is situated in 80 acres of

towering Redwoods tucked away in the stunning

Anderson Valley wine country.

The North Fork of the Navarro River meanders

through the property and this idyllic setting is

dotted with timeless cabins, incredible Adirondack

camping, a massive lodge, a 300+ seat outdoor amphitheater, secret nature spots and a large open air central plaza.

The former Scout camp has been recently revitalized and opened up to the public for the first time and Camp Grounded could not have a more perfect venue

to call home.

Yoga platform, volleyball, horseshoes,

archery range, trails, canteen, and classic

camp recreational facilities will take you

back to the good ol' days.

camp navarro logo

This is not a conference.

This is summer camp.

Let’s be clear.

This is not a conference, a networking event

or meet-up opportunity to make contacts that further your career.

There will be no cocktail hour or welcoming reception for anyone to explain

what they do, play the “we know the same people” game, or try and figure

out how they can connect again after they return to the workplace.

Instead, we create an atmosphere for personal freedom, creative thinking,

liberation from technology, and a space from the working world

where we can all once again be… human.

Friendships at camp are based on real-life connections,

and the most important status we’ll update is our happiness.


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