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Announcing New Camp Locations!!!

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Healthy Gourmet Camp Meals, Live Music, 25+ Playshops & Activities, Yoga & Wellness, Camp Dance, Talent Show, Rockwall Climbing, Arts ‘n Crafts, Archery, Cabins, Tent Camping, Campfires & More…

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~ 2016 ~

Coming to the Woods & Rivers Near You

New York / Texas / Northern California / Southern California
Illinois / Colorado / Washington / North Carolina / Japan

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~ 2016 ~

Coming to the Woods & Rivers Near You

New York / Texas / Northern California / Southern California / Illinois / Colorado / Washington
North Carolina / Japan

Click here to be the first to find out more…

Where Grownups Go to Unplug, Get Away, and Be Kids Again.

Trade in your computer, cell phone, email, Instagrams, clocks, schedules, work-jargon, networking events and conferences for an off-the-grid weekend of pure unadulterated fun in the redwoods.

Together we’ll create a community where money and titles are worth little… and individuality, self expression, friendship, memories and the great outdoors are valued most.

Enjoy over 50+ Playshops, Arts n Crafts, Yoga, Typewriters, Capture the Flag, Color Wars, Meditation, Swimming, Talent Show, Camp Dance, Campfires, Archery, Rockwall, Kickball, Stargazing, Hiking, Healthy Meals, Sing-A-Longs, Face-Painting, Analog Photography, Counselors and more.

Just like the summer camp you remember from your childhood. Come celebrate what it means to be alive.

Disconnect to Reconnect®

Our Partners

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Camp Activities

Over 25+ Playshops & Workshops*

  • creative-writing
  • Candle-Making
  • mindfulnes
  • kickball
  • stargazing
  • new-friends
  • analog-photography
  • campfires
  • communal-meals
  • sports
  • camp-crushes
  • sweat-lodge
  • counselors
  • tea-yurt
  • games
  • canteen
  • talent-show
  • arts-n-crafts
  • free-time
  • solar-carving
  • crochet
  • late-night
  • sing-a-longs
  • absurdity
  • archery
  • origami
  • color-wars
  • sneaking-out
  • mask-making
  • AcroYoga
  • yoga
  • baking
  • first-love
  • live-music
  • pajama-brunch
  • pickling
  • competition
  • capture-the-flag
  • ropes-course
  • climbing
  • song-writing
  • fear-burning
  • silent-dinner
  • villages
  • stilt-walking-1
  • swimming
  • meditation
  • wellness-teepees
  • dance-class
  • drawing
  • camp-dance
  • survival-skills

*activities are subject to change per location.

This is Summer Camp

Let’s be clear. This is not a conference, networking event or summit.

This will not be a meet-up opportunity to make contacts that further your career. There will be no cocktail hour or reception for anyone to explain what they do, play the “we know the same people” game, or try and figure out how they can connect again after they return to the workplace. No VIPs, headliners or wristbands. No backstage access, or backstage while we’re at it.

Instead, we create an atmosphere for personal freedom, creative thinking, liberation from technology, true vacation from our j-o-b, and a space from the working world where we can all once again be human. Friendships at camp are based on real-life connections, how good you are at capture the flag or face-painting, the best late night bunkmate jokes, and the most important status we’ll update is our happiness.

This is just like the camp you went as a kid… only designed for adults. All Inclusive, all ages (18-80), and all demographics. It’s about who you are, not what you do for a living. 100% IRL (in real life) Experiences.

No screens. No Filters. No Big Data. No agenda. No bullshit.
Just good old camp.

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Camp Grounded Summer 2015

Space is limited. See you in the woods.