Stay Hydrated with Klean Kanteen

We would not be where we are today without the amazing continuous support we have received from Klean Kanteen. We are honored to say that we are partnering up with Klean Kanteen for the third summer in a row. Together, we’ve got one mission in mind: Keep our campers hydrated with the same bottle for gulps and gulps to come.

Klean Kanteen single-handedly changed the water bottle game. Back in 2004 you couldn’t find a stainless steel water bottle anywhere in sight. If you wanted H2O on the go, you had to use some plastic to sip it down. In response, Klean Kanteen came up with a safe, healthy, lightweight, reusable bottle free of BPA and other toxic substances. Yay!


Today, as a certified B Corporation, Klean not only creates the highest quality reusable products on the planet, but works hard to bring benefit to the people and places they touch—and they do everything they can to keep single-use waste from trashing the world.

Last year, Klean launched the Bring Your OwnTM Project to amplify its mission, share a passion for eradicating single-use waste, and shift habits from to-go cups and bottled water to reusable products that last a lifetime. Their innovation and commitment to the planet doesn’t end there. Now you can find bottles and to-go containers for all sorts of beverages and even food.  You’ll never need a plastic container again! We’re excited to expand our Klean Kanteen offering this year too. Head on over to the Canteen to pick up your own custom Camp Grounded water bottle and tumbler for all of your coffee, tea, kombucha, and water needs.